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Why HuMaps?

Most of the HR variables that are needed to take strategic decisions are not measured or tracked, but they rely on the experience and “gut feeling” of the people taking decisions in the organization or in the HR department.

A lot of these decisions are based on the subjective perception of managers, HR directors or entrepreneurs and unavoidably pose on partial, incomplete, or completely missing information.

The intangible components that are intrinsic to the presence of the “Human factor” have tangible effects that massively affect and influence the future of the organization, its capability to execute, perform and compete.

It is for this reason that the availability of a specific tool is indispensable. A tool that can give a landscape, a “map” describing the identity of the organization, in order to:

  • Map the organizational culture

  • Measure the strategic alignment inside of the organization

  • Understand and specify the key resources as well as the organization’s weaknesses

  • Establish in a focused and measurable way which actions to take, which priorities to set and measuring their actual impact.

  • Track and measure the value-added of specific initiatives in the organization

  • Establish the most appropriate HR initiatives and secure alignment with business goals

  • Track the actual evolution of a set of targets over time.

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