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(Post Distress Monitoring System) 

The COVID19 crisis is being affecting the organizations both in a deep and unanticipated way. The need for a response to this crisis has caught most of the companies unprepared, in fact many reactions were improvised and based on the day-to-day troubleshooting: As a matter of facts, this  crisis has brought many organizations into uncharted land both in the kind of initiatives and in their deployment, but:

What is the sense of this all?

What kind of impact has the COVID crisis generated in the organizations?

Which of them are irreversible?

“The crisis is the greatest blessing, for the peoples and for the Nations”

A. Einstein  “the world as I see it” 1931

 The PDMS 

 (Post Distress Monitoring System) 

 The PDMS questionnaire is a tool created by the HuMaps team that helps the management of a company to answer questions like

  1. Which impact is having the COVID19 crisis on my organization?

  2. Which are the main sources of stress in my organization and how can I manage them in the best possible way?

  3. Which is the organization’s  perception on the tools deployed to manage this crisis?

  4. How did the organization react to the new work modality?

  5. Are there areas of opportunities triggered by this crisis in the organization?

  6. What have I learnt that I can turn into an advantage for my organization?

The questionnaire requires ca. 20 Minutes per participant to be filled, is based on an online platform, is completely anonymized and can be personalized to the specific focus and need of the customer.

  • Real understanding of the impacts

  • Management of the consequences

  • Exploitation of the opportunities

 Perché è importante farlo adesso? 


Companies are living in a prolonged period of “organizational shock”, working with new tools and dynamics, often operating -in HR terms- in uncharted lands.


It is important that the HR function and the company:

  • Create adequate tools that allow to increase the decision makers capability to manage the situation

  • Make the employees understand that the company is interested in them, and that is operating in a professional and knowledgeable way, in order to learn from the employees’ experience.

  • HR and the Management display a genuine desire to use the learnings to improve and seize opportunities for the whole organization


Companies’ top management need a tool, a “map” to support their setting the course for the future when decisions need to be taken on: restore the pre-COVID situation (having a clear understanding on how to return to emergency mode, in case the crisis would return) or introduce new working tools and options in the organization (having precise insights and analytics from the COVID experience, using the organization’s voice to take informed decisions). 


HuMaps is aware of the problems that the companies are confronted with in this period, not only organizational problems but also financial problems, for this reason HuMaps has developed a swift and practical tool, financially affordable.

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